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Orthopaedic Water-Viscose - Mattresses

1 brand-new orthopaedic Water-Viscose-mattresses directly from the manufacturer without retail supplement (in original packing).

150 x 190 cm or 150 x 200 cm or 160 x 200 cm

5 x 6’3 or 5 x 6’6

When buying this mattress you get the best mattress in our product range


Due to the special combination of Waterline-mixture mid-part and viscose-elastic foam, this mattress reacts especially good to weight and body heat !

Information sheet Waterline - Viscose-elastic mattress:

  • reacts to temperature (heat = softer) + (coldness = harder)
  • adjusts when putting weight on and adapts to body shape


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  • open pores and therefore respiratory
  • pressure relief guarantees a better circulation

Can be used for:

  • pain affecting back, neck or joints
  • bedsore
  • sleeping disorders


The very good characteristics shown on the diagram can be compared with those of a water-bed or a gel mattress. The high relief of the body pressure points supports the spinal column.

too soft or worn down mattress:


too hard mattress:


anatomically-correct mattress as the Water-Viscose Mattress:


These are exactly the positive characteristics that have been achieved with the Water-Viscose mattress.

The two different sides of the Water-Viscose Mattress:

One side consisting of anatomical viscose foam (6 cm) which is very softly making you feel lying on a water bed or a gel mattress by eliminating all traceable pressure.

The other side consists of an orthopaedic Waterline-mixture mid-part, 50 % orthopaedic polyurethane and 50 % anatomical latex (honeycomb design). It is especially pliable corresponding with its elastic pressure points to a mattress of firmness level I.


Important !

The preparation of the water and keeping it heated, which is characteristic of the water-bed, are costs that can mount up considerably in the course of a year, however, these costs do not arise with the Water-Viscose mattress.


The Water-Viscose mattress is especially suited for people with allergies. Special slatted frames are not required because of the high quality of the mattress itself. Even with simple frames an optimal sleeping comfort is achieved. Fantastic quality!


Suited to a body weight between 30 – 160 kg per person

Price per unit £ 959,-

Measurements: Please state the requested size (in cm) when buying.

Measurements: 150 x 190 cm or 150 x 200 cm or 160 x 200 cm

5 x 6’3 or 5 x 6’6

Height approx. 18 cm

Important !  12 years warranty for wear

Overview of transport costs

Great Britain:

Payment in advance. Packing and transport costs (£ 40,00) have to be paid by the buyer.

Other countries within Europe:                

Please ask for the transport costs before bidding. Thank you !

Each customer receives a preliminary invoice as a warranty certificate by e-mail (word document as enclosure).









The so-called “Vacuum” concerns with the size of the transport.

The so-called “Vacuum” concerns with the size of the transport, meaning that the mattresses are delivered in a small and tight vacuum-packed roll. After opening the packing, the mattresses immediately begin to draw in air and can be used after about 24 hours. Packing the mattresses this way, greatly reduces their size, a simplification of transport that reduces costs.